What is Myrcene? 

Myrcene, is one of the most prevalent kinds of terpenes that exists in cannabis, and it’s a part of the entourage effect that people have when they consume this.  This is the idea that most cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, do work together with these terpenes in order to create some great effects that consumers like. Myrcene is a more earthy sort of profile, and is similar to balsam, and there is a bit of sweetness to this as well. Myrcene also has a smell and taste that is sweet too in a sense, similar to cloves as well.

For those who have ever smelled mangos and noted that it’s early and sweet, it’s due to myrcene, which is common in mangos too. The one found in hops as well that’s used to make beer offers a peppery flavor. It has a lower boiling point than other types of beer and hops, which means that a lot of the myrcene is boiled off when fermenting beer. 

Myrcene Effects 

The effects of this are different for everyone, so you should keep that in mind when looking for terpene-rich types of products that are there.  The research has shown that it can be powerful for a lot of people, and it also may have a sedative effect, can grow the mucus lining within the GI tract, and also inhibit the growth of tumors too. There are some sedative effects that may help with anxiety in some cases, but the problem is a lot of research is needed in most of the cases too.  In a lot of instances, people may need a bit of time to fully understand beta myrcene effects as well. 

Where to Find this. 

You can find this in cannabis of course, but also herbs, and you might also be able to find this in fruits. Eucalyptus, basil, thyme, and hops all contain this, and that’s what’s so great about it. There are strains though which contain myrcene, and usually, they are prevalent, but some are much more prevalent than others. Birthday cake is when you combine cheery pie with girl scout cookies and it’s an indica-dominant kind of hybrid. 

Skunk XL is a balanced hybrid of exactly 50$ indica and 50% sativa, and it is a fruity, sweet type of taste to it. White widow, which is a hybrid in the Netherlands that’s gotten popular because of the white rein on top of the buds is another. Special Kush is another one. This is an indica strain from Afghanistan and Pakistan, and has a very earthy, rich flavor. Agent orange is another one that gets the name from oranges which are freshly cut. It’s a strain that’s a cross between jack the ripper, and orange velvet. Jillybean, a hybrid strain, is one that offers citrus, along with a taste of mango, and that’s partially due to the myrcene that’s in there. 

Critical Kush, which is critical mass with OG Kush, is basically a very potent and strong indica strain that those who consume cannabis do like. ACDC is another. This is mostly CBD though, and just 1% THC, so it’s one that’s good for CBD benefits. Kosher Tangle is a hybrid one that has skunky, citrus tastes due to the kosher Kush and tangie strains mixed together. Grape ape is an indica with leaves that are purple, and a grape smell. And finally, there is purple urkle, which is a very popular indica strain that has flavors which are complex. You can find myrcene pretty easily, and there are a lot of benefits to this as well. Especially when choosing it. 

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