All About Popcorn Flower 

Popcorn flower is specific that’s available to smoke and vape. It’s small buds of marijuana that’s about the size of a popcorn kernel.  While they’re not big flower buds found in dispensaries, they’re still high-quality cannabis products that are much more affordable for many, especially when compared to the buds previous. The producer might sell these for a bit less, since they’re not as show-stopping as the original flower, but they do have the same flavor, potency, and even smell to it as well. 

Where Does This come From? 

This is usually something that people search for in order to ensure that there are high-quality flower buds for this plant. From planned rooms for growth with good advanced heating and lighting, to even different watering technologies that hit full plots of land that are cultivated for the ideal growing conditions, when you grow marijuana, it’s actually both an art and a science, since it does require specific nutrient, airflow, and even attention that gives you the best buds imaginable. 

With any plant, there are buds of all kinds, both big and small.  The buds that are closer to the soil tend to be a bit smaller, since there is fewer airflow and light from this. While this may not have as much trichomes, which have flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes, the popcorn buds shouldn’t be discounted especially since they do offer a lot of the same benefits. Throughout the industry, there are many producers that work to trim your buds so that they are created on the plant, and they put the energy into the larger buds, but don’t discount popcorn, since they can actually still offer a ton of the marijuana benefits that are there before and saves you, the customer some serious cash. 

Pros and cons 

The pros and cons ultimately depend on the consumer and what you like. Popcorn buds have lower cannabinoids when compared to the larger buds. For those that are experienced vapors and smokers, these may not be good for you since they aren’t as potent. But newer people to cannabis can benefit from this. One pro is that they are one of the cheapest options for getting marijuana flowers.

Popcorn buds still have the power you’re probably looking for, but you won’t be paying the dispensary as much especially when compared to full-fledged flowers of course. Another advantage is that you can actually smoke these in a variety of different ways. If you like joints you can ground them and roll them up or put them in a glass or water pope. You can actually put this into a dry herb vape pen as well, or if you want to use them for edibles too, you can. 

All of this is done at cheaper costs too than other flowers and such. That means that you’re going to get a whole lot more out of this than you may beforehand. So is it right for you? It ultimately depends on the different types of affects you want from this, and if you’re okay to vape or smoke these, or if you’re willing to make your own edibles as well.

That means that if you say yes to them, then popcorn buds are what’s right for you. But if you’re still not sure, and would like answers to this, you can of course, visit a dispensary and ask them the questions since they can help you figure out whether or not that you could use this, and whether or not this is the right option for you if you’re not sure whether it’s worth smoking or not. 

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