What’s The Deal With Seeded Weed

If you have been looking around online at different strains and various marijuana plants or checking out your local dispensaries to see what they have in stock, you may notice that there is such a thing as seeded weed. For those of you who do not know what seeded weed is, this might sound like a weird thing. Many people who are not super knowledgeable about marijuana tend to look at seeded weed with some skeptically, and rightly so. I mean, how is it that you can buy marijuana at $40 per ounce? 

It must not be any good. Lots of people don’t really know the difference between regular weed and seeded weed. You may not even think that the seeds are that big of a deal, since they are still natural and part of the plant right? Well, you should probably learn some more information about seeded cannabis before you go ahead and buy a whole bunch of discounted marijuana. While the price may be tempting, we all know that buying seeded weed is not necessarily the best idea, especially if you have not done your research. So go ahead and read the rest of this article and you will find out why we don’t always love buying seeded weed. You will also learn why cannabis with seeds in it is so heavily discounted. 

First things first, we have to remind ourselves that cannabis is a plant. And like 80% of all plants on earth, cannabis is self pollinating which means that it does in fact contain seeds. However, we have evolved it over years as a variety of strains and have found ways to grow the plant without producing seeds, similar to what we have done with other plants like grape vines or oranges. We love the products, but we would prefer not to have any of the seeds! With that being said, there are actually genders associated with the cannabis plant. The male plant will have a thinner stalk and few leaves, but the male cannabis plant has more pollen that can be used to reproduce marijuana plants. 

The female plants, in contrast, have more buds that bloom and are waiting to be pollinated. When a marijauna plant has seeds, there is a 50/50 chance between male and female strains. The problem is that you cannot identify which one is which until they have started to grow, meaning that growers have to actually grow both sets of seeds to ensure that they are growing the right strains. Everyone knows and loves the female plants, with big leaves and buds, but the male plant is usually recycled or repurposed into fertilizer or other cannabis products. Some of these plants also contain all the seeds and and stuff and are then sold at a discount price at your local dispensary because not as many people enjoy smoking with all the seeds in there weed. 

So what is the deal with marijuana seeds? They can’t be bad for you, right? Well, they are actually not bad for you. In fact, there are some people who believe that they have numerous health benefits that can be good for the body. There is actually a market for marijuana seeds for people that want to consume them; the only problem is that most people do not smoke marijuana seeds, instead you eat them like chia seeds or something like that. Also, it is worth saying that cannabis seeds have lots of fiber which is great for digestive health. Research shows that the average adult in the United States is not getting enough fiber in their diet. So if you want to gain some extra fiber and pay less for weed, you have your awnser! 

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